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About Us

Journey to the Oasis

Our founder, Dr. Eduardo Lin has been caring for patients with pain conditions for over 25 years. After witnessing the ongoing struggle and suffering of his chronic pain patients, Dr. Lin thought to himself, "I must do more!" In early 2011, he began envisioning an "Oasis" for his patients. A place that allowed patients to not only find relief from their pain but also restore functioning and improve their overall health and wellness. Within a few months, the Oasis Pain and Wellness Center was born.

The Oasis Pain and Wellness Center offers a comprehensive range of services designed to help patients become more independent, self motivated about managing their chronic pain, and excited about restoring function to lead more active and meaningful lives. The Center is lead by a team of experienced Physicians in Pain Management and Rehabilitation, Clinical Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists, Vocational Counselors, Specialists in Ergonomics, and Acupuncturists. Additional services include Yoga, Tai Chi, and Massage.

By using a biopsychosocial model, the Center provides comprehensive assessment and a holistic approach to pain management. The best of Eastern and Western medicine is combined to help patients achieve balance and harmony in order to improve functioning and overall well being.

The Center teaches patients to become more independent and active by providing medical and psychological counseling as well as physical conditioning assessments. A team approach is utilized for assessment and guidance. The Center's experienced team of professionals assess each individual patient and provide support and counseling.

The Center uses scientific and evidence based approaches to help patients improve functioning. Patients are also provided with support to return to work through the return to work program where they receive group and individual attention, and vocational counseling.